Saturday, July 10, 2010

7/10/10 – FLU :(

                I am reporting a bit late on the outcome of the semifinals, but this is by no means due to any displeasure with the outcomes. Both games turned out as well as I could have possibly hoped for. However, the games were the only bit of enjoyment I have had in quite a number of days as I have battled the flu. I decided it was better to not concern any mothers out there about my lack of good health while I was out of commission. The good news is there is no more need for anyone to worry because this morning I feel nearly 100 percent. The unfortunate part is that we still have a lot of things that we want to do in our remaining days here, so we are going to be hard pressed to fit it all in. With only two days left in the tournament, Dave and I will be less distracted and I'm sure Jamaica won't have any problems helping us with all the shopping we still need to do. She has mad shopping skills to say the least!

                This evening is the 3rd/4th place match between the two teams that were unsuccessful in their semifinal matches. Uruguay who failed to get passed the Netherlands in an exciting 2 to 3 defeat will test their skill against Germany, who failed to score against Spain in their 1 to 0 semifinal loss. It is always difficult to predict what might happen in this sort of match, as it seems the teams often lack motivation without the big prize to play for. Germany is the better team, but Uruguay might be more motivated to win since third place would mean a great accomplishment to their country. Miroslav Klose, the veteran striker for Germany, will have the most personal aspirations going in to the match. The two goals that we watched Klose score against Argentina took him past the great Pele for total lifetime World Cup goals and is now just one behind the leader, Ronaldo (The Brazilian one, not Christiano Ronaldo). Klose was one of three German players rumored to have the flu, in addition to a back injury suffered in the game against Spain. Reports say that he likely won't play, but I think there is little that could keep him from a chance of putting his name in the history books for good. This will definitely be his last World Cup, so tonight is his last chance.

                I recently thought of something quite amazing about the games I have been to here at the Cup. I have been to just five games out of the total 64 matches, but if Germany wins tonight I will have seen the 3rd place team, runner up, and World Cup champions all play at least one match! I think that's pretty damn awesome! I may not have gotten tickets to the finals, but I got to see both the finalists play. As far as the finals go, I hope that Spain continue their impressive performance over Germany. I rooted for the Netherlands in both of their games I attended, but Spain is my second favorite team in the tournament (behind the USA obviously). I know that not everyone who reads by blog is the biggest soccer fan, and prefer hearing more about the other stuff we do, but I encourage everyone to at least watch the final. This is extremely exciting for me!!

                On another note, I have finally proven to the world that I CAN grow a beard, and a rather disgusting and patchy one at that. I was hoping to hold out on shaving it until I got back, but don't get your hopes up because it's getting rather painful for me to look at in the mirror.


  1. I couldn't help cheering for Uruguay again this morning, I admire their spirit and tenacity. Forlan's goal was awesome. It was a fun match to watch. So glad to hear you're feeling better.

  2. Forlan's goal was awesome. Sorry mom, all of the girls here disagreed with your opinion that Uraguay has a lot of good looking players.

  3. I think Uruguay has dreamy players. Mainly Forlan and Suarez.