Saturday, June 19, 2010

6/19/10 - Travelling

Finally I have departed for my great adventure and juncture between school and the real world. It was very difficult to imagine and realize my true excitement the last few weeks as I was preoccupied with entertaining friends and family, moving out, packing, and graduation. This is my first blog entry dedicated to my trip to South Africa for the World Cup. I don't really have any preconceived ideas of what I might write about besides my experiences at the games. I am currently mid-flight from Washington Dulles airport to Johannesburg, which will be broken up by a stop in Dakar, Senegal. My flight does not however end in Johannesburg; I board another plane to Cape Town. Everything has gone as planned thus far as I have thankfully avoided any traveling issues. The flight is painless, besides on my neck, with plenty to entertain including my own personal screen with options including movies, tv, music, and games.

                I am interested to see how my experience will go when I first arrive in Cape Town. The loose plan after leaving the airport is to find a cab and hopefully make it to the home I am staying at in Fish Hoek, a suburb of Cape Town. Once reaching the house I am hoping that my friends will already be there or that there is some other way for me to get into the house. I haven't heard from Dave, so I'm just banking on the fact that he'll be there. I'm already loving the adventure of traveling on my own, and because I don't have anyone tagging along I don't have any real fears of hitting any bumps in the road with my lack of planning, because at least I won't be dragging them into it as well.

                Hopefully my next update will be an update of a successful journey to Cape Town and Fish Hoek, written from the comfort of our beautiful beach house. I'm so excited to see my friends and truly get settled into my incredible adventure. Looking forward to some excellent soccer and completely engaging in the South African culture!

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