Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/22/10 Portugal v North Korea Game and Cape Town Fanfest

Wow!! I really have way too much to write about after not blogging last night! We attended our first match yesterday at Green Point Stadium. The stadium is absolutely magnificent! It was pouring on our way to the games and we all got pretty soaked since we were a little unprepared. Thankfully the magnificent retractable glass cover of the stadium kept us dry during the match once we were in our seats. Jesse and I had our seats together and, like most of the stadium, we were surrounded by fans in support of Portugal. Going in to the game I did not have any real passion or loyalty to either Portugal or North Korea, but the fans spirit was contagious. I found myself cheering on Portugal from the kick-off. It was incredible to see the highest paid player in the world. Everyone, especially the women, screamed for Ronaldo every time he touched the ball. The first half was very exciting as Portugal took a 1 to 0 lead with a pretty even number of chances at both ends. The second half however, was nothing short of amazing. The second half was not tightly contested like the first half, however. The Portuguese managed six goals in the second half!! Six different players scored the seven goals for Portugal as they absolutely manhandled the North Korean squad. The atmosphere in the stands was phenomenal. After each goal the crowd erupted and everyone was in a triumphant state of joy. Jesse and I could not believe the game we were seeing, the highest scoring game at the World Cup thus far. Even someone that isn't a soccer fan would have had fun at this one. I can't wait to show everyone all of the videos and pictures from the game.

                Today was another excellent soccer filled game. We went in to Cape Town again, this time to watch the South Africa verse France match at the Fan Fest. The Fan Fest is a huge celebration near downtown Cape Town with a stage, huge screen to show the game, 5 v 5 soccer fields, food and beverage, and a lot of South African fans blowing their vuvuzelas (the horns that everyone is hearing make those wretched noises on television). Only Dave, Jamaica, and I made it in to the Fan Fest because the others unfortunately missed out because it closed for being too full before they got there. Dave and I played quite a lot of 5 v 5 verse mostly South Africa kids and guys around our age. It was such a blast and Dave and I scored our fair share of goals, obviously :). We watched the game on the big screen, with the magnificent Table Mountain standing as a beautiful backdrop. The setting, game, and fans made the experience so incredible. South Africa defeated France for the first time in their history, and although they did not advance into the next stage of the tournament, it was still a great victory for South Africa. The mood after the game was triumphant, and really difficult to translate into words. My videos will tell the story when I am able to post those.

                Tomorrow is another huge soccer day. It is the final group stage match for the US against Algeria, and a must win! If we win the game, we will move on to the second round. The other matches during the day will determine if we finish first or second in our group, and who we will play. So look forward to hopefully a happy post soon after a victory!


  1. sounds like you are having a terrific time. Everything you describe sounds fantastic. We are enjoying your blogs, keep them coming.

  2. Chad, here is a message from Aunt MaryLou:

    Chad ------- I truly enjoy your South Africa World Soccer Blog ! The way you describe the situation & the action, I feel like I can see & hear it exactly !the same way that you do! You would be a great sports writer ---or any kind of writer, for that matter. You have a real gift. I am so happy that you are able to have this wonderful experience & that you are sharing it with all of us. Keep it comin' Anxious to hear about the USA vs Algeria game. Saw a YouTube of the final goal--- talk about exciting ! Love, AML