Sunday, June 27, 2010

6/27/10 – Catch Up

                 Friday was an especially delicious day! Eber and Jamaica walked down to Kalk Bay to buy some fish. We spend the afternoon devouring a 3 foot smoked snoek. It was so delicious that the six of us had finished it off within a few hours. We only paid 60 rand for the snoek, equating to about $6.50 in US dollars! We also bought 4 red snapper for the braai (barbeque) that cost us about $5.00 US. I can't even imagine how much that seafood feast would have cost us in the States! That evening we watched the Spain vs Chile game and the Brazil vs Portugal game. Spain won and Brazil and Portugal tied, so we'll see Spain in the second round against Portugal!! It's still likely that Dave and I will see Brazil vs Netherlands in the quarterfinal game in Port Elizabeth if they don't get upset against Chile and Slovakia respectively.

                Yesterday was somewhat less pleasant. We went in to Cape Town with our painted faces, scarves, and jerseys to support the USA in their game against Ghana. The game was end to end action, with the US having better opportunities to score, but the Ghanaians won the match 2 to 1 in extra time. All of the American fans were upset, but I was still proud of our performance throughout the tournament and our persistence to come back from trailing in all of our games. To add to our state of defeat, I came to the realization on the returning train ride that I no longer had my camera in my pocket. I can't be certain how it fell from my procession, but I feel pretty unfortunate because I've been so careful with everything to this point. Nevertheless, I'm not going to hang my head. I have lots of friends taking pictures, so I will share with them from this point on.

                Today we spent the day in Cape Town again watching the Germany vs England game at the Fan Fest and the Argentina vs Mexico game at Baran's, a Kurdish restaurant with Hookah. The two games were likely the most entertaining of the tournament so far with Germany and Argentina both earning victories. The two teams, who look to be the strongest in the tournament, meet next week in the quarterfinal.

                Everyone is pretty burnt out right now, so tomorrow will likely be spent in Fish Hoek here at home. The train ride to Cape Town is very economical, but the voyage is over one hour each way and starts to take its toll after making the trip a few days in a row.  

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