Sunday, June 20, 2010

6/20/10 - Boulder Beach penguins

                What an incredibly beautiful day!! The sun was shining all day long with temperatures around 70 F, which is amazing considering it is winter here. The highlight of the day was a lovely 2 hour walk to a nearby town called Simons's Town. The path weaved along the Indian Ocean coastline with epic picture taking moments every minute. Everything about Simon's Town was very pleasant; the food, the people, the markets, the weather, and the sights. We ate lunch at a lovely seafood restaurant that lay directly on the beach.

                The overall intent in our voyage was to see the famous penguins of Boulder Beach. We did not, however, realize that the beach was on the far side of the town, so some members of our group began doubting our undertaking of such an expedition.  However, we moved onward and were greatly rewarded for our persistence. Before reaching the Boulder Beach we were surprised with a site nearly unheard of from this coast. We came across a group of people on a large rock pointing out into the ocean in excitement. We rushed toward them to see what the spectacle was. There were three or four orca whales that were swimming quite a distance off of the coast. Apparently they were noticed when a group of dolphins fled very quickly, obviously pursued by the killer whales. A boat was directly trailing the whales, taking in an unbelievable experience.  According to a man that lives in the area, it is the first time he has ever seen killer whales! I felt pretty lucky that we were able to witness something so extraordinary.

                Eventually we reached the penguins of Boulder Beach. Hanging out with the penguins was a lot of fun and we got plenty of photos. I was excited to finally see some African Wildlife today. I can't wait to see some of the more famous African animals, especially when we make it to a safari.

                Tomorrow however is all about soccer!! Our whole gang is going into Cape Town tomorrow for the North Korea verse Portugal game. The game could be very crucial, depending on what happens in a few minutes during the Brazil verse Ivory Coast game. We are all pulling for North Korea surprisingly, so that Ivory Coast and Brazil will likely move past the group stage. I am absolutely thrilled to be going to the game and afterward the fan fest tomorrow in Cape Town. The atmosphere is going to be awesome!! My next post is definitely one to look forward to if you are a soccer fan. Wish me look in the Vuvuzela contest at the fan fest, my trumpet playing past should come in handy.

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